A Predictable Way to Attract More Patients 

An Allied Health Professional with lots of availability doesn't look good to prospective patients.  

You have the right to be busy

You've studied for years and helped loads of people to have better lives.  You've earned the right to have a consistently full caseload.

If you've just started out on your own, you obviously know what you're doing. Otherwise you wouldn't have done it.

You have something to offer people.

Millions of people need you.  

So if there's gaps in your schedule they either don't know about you or how you can help them.

Getting the word out there is typically the realm of the professional marketer. 

But why should you pay thousands of dollars for someone to bring in patients that may or may not be the best fit?  

Nor should you have to spend more money and years studying a markeiting or business school.  

How many people miss out on getting your help because you have to study how to communicate to them?

You should have a full schedule every day, every week for as many days of the year as you choose to serve your people. 

And you're a professional.  Everything you do should exude that professionalism.  

It's not a great look to have cheesy looking signs and social media posts that look like cheap ads from the 90's.  

People hate being sold to.  So why do i?

Content marketing is a strategic marketing strategy that involves creating and sharing valuable, relevant content.


Content can be shared online through blogs, videos, email, social media, webinars etc

Or it can be shared in person through lectures, physical newsletters, brochures, workshops, demonstrations, stalls etc

Content marketing is a smart way to attract and keep your ideal clients, and ultimately drive profitable engagement.

Traditional ads don't provide any value to your clients, nor do they don't offer any inherent reason for your customers to view them.


Instead, they interrupt customers at a time when hopefully they won’t be able to get up and do something else.  Consider billboards, magazine ads, posters on a subway, T.V. commercials, radio ads, etc.  

There's nothing wrong with traditional advertising,  it's just that content marketing is  a better fit for health practitioners.

One big drawcard is that you don't have to do any pitching of your products or services.

That's because content marketing educates your customers  to help them solve their most pressing issues

When they need more help,  the logical conclusion is that seeking your services is the best option.

Why Should I Use Content?

Provides tangible value to your patients.

People tend to avoid advertisements, but they engage with content that is tailored to their interests and needs. Clients can develop a relationship with your brand and remain engaged with what you have to offer.

Educates people to the point they’re ready to make an appointment.

People may not engage with your product or service because they don't understand its value or how it works. When you use media content like blog posts and Youtube videos it can educate your patients and lead to more bookings.

Creates a genuine sense of reciprocity with prospective patients.

Providing free content can lead to clients feeling indebted (in a good way) and wanting to reciprocate by making a purchase from you.  This is especially true if the free content has helped them improve their health or empowered them with self management skills.

Attracts potential patients for FREE!

Strategically positioned, high quality content can attract hundreds more customers for the same cost as one  paid advertisement.  Plus it can have a lifetime value that keeps on giving.  Content is an asset that can direct traffic to your website for years, while advertising is always an expense.

Creates content that gets shared.

People share content online. Sharing content gives more opportunities to reach a larger audience, as people can share it multiple times. Content is more likely to go viral than a link to a website or profile.

Increases online traffic.

Your content can be repurposed in different formats and distributed across multiple channels. This  allows you to access a larger portion of your target demographic and increase online traffic to your social media page or website.

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Meet Nathan


I'm a Physical Therapist, Entrepreneur and Dad.

I created this site to help  other health practitioners to market themselves in a way that's both effective and feels right.

After struggling to grow my first practice I realised that I needed to know marketing if I was going to succeed.

I dove headfirst into studying marketing and discovered two fundamental problems with the way it's presented to us.

Firstly, the language of marketing

I'm now in a unique position to able to offer both clinical expertise and marketing insights to other Physical Therapists and Health Professionals. 

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Grow your business on your terms.

As a physical therapist, you have the power to help people heal from injury, optimise their health and enhance their quality of life.

And as a business owner you have a vehicle to achieve prosperity for you and your family.

But if no-one’s knows about you or your expertise, how do you do reach your highest potential?

That's where learning marketing comes in.

Learning to do your own marketing doesn't have to be difficult. 

And the benefit are great. 

You Control Your Brand 

Having complete control over your brand message ensures that it accurately represents your practice values and delivers exactly what your patient's want.

You Get More Skills

Marketing is a core skill of any business.   Learn it now and you set yourself up to succeed in your business going forward.

You Save $$$

Eliminate the need for expensive marketing agencies or consultants.  Have more capital to invest in profitable projects.